Sunday, May 28, 2006

Now That's Drugs-PLOITATION!! (hilarious drug education from yesteryear)

I have long been fascinated by attitudes towards drugs through out the ages, especially the 60's and 70's.

It seems that FEAR was the main order of the day and yet the public couldn't help but be entertained by the laciviousness of it,... with grindhouse cinema outings like this one

and on the same token, school kids were watching scarey stuff like this one, (the screaming at the end is really quite frightening) ,...

or stuff like "a day in the death of donny b", if it weren't for its bad ass soundtrack and hip swagger of the camera, if everyone on this flick didn't look so GODDAMN COOL, some kids might actual heed the warning,...(sorry about the quality, and this does go for about 11 minutes, so strap in)

then there was the time everyone was talking about them "freaky chromosones", and "what everyone was gonna do about it". Some of these kids show some pretty hep style for a generation told to stay away from drugs,..


"how young"is this kid?? When I was that young i hadn't even discovered wanking yet, or at least what it was called, let alone ACID!!! That psych teacher also has some serious MO action goin' oooooonnnn!

then we get to the 80s, this video is in fact paid for by the whitehouse and was a pet project of nancy reagan's, it contains unbelievable cameos such as arnie and "the Hoff", and a performance by Boogaloo Shrimp from the Breakdance Movies. Whitney Houston appears (obviously pre her ever publicised drug addiction) and tyhjis was released shortky bafter Nancy Reragans historical appearance on Diff'rent Strokes, i guess appearing on that show wasn't enough, she had to drag the Hoff and Arnie into the mix,..

Whotchootalkin about Nancy??

and then you find a beautiful relic such as this. Appearing in the Incredible Hulk TV show, Bruce Banner unwittingly drops some instant karma and then ubiquitous desert trip and rainbow flashes ensue

Don't give me acid,... you wouldn't like me when i'm on acid,...

but by far the most enjoyable excursion in this trip down memory lane is with some little soldiers who found that combat don't really mean much when you end up laughing your ass off in the face of reality!!!

how badass would it be if you somehow knew that these guys dropped out and formed a band or something....

Stormtroopers on Acid!!!

til next time viewers

Vulture Boy

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Stephen J Cannell; the JJ Abrams of his day

When I was a kid, if there was a new show on tv, it was probably put there by this guy,....

Stephen J Cannell

a man more synonymous with tv action than lost, 24, and csi: lower weribee district put together!!!

The A Team, 21 Jump street and his most brilliant achievement was a show just made for high school sick days "Silk Stalkings", I mean it had women in lingerie AND fluoro

oh and for old times sake, here is the a team

ah such bliss.

Enjoy my friends of fun. Enjoy.

The One That Started it all!!

Here is the vid i found which made me want to start this blog. A 7 minute clip of Toys from the 70s. Absolute retro bliss. I so badly want to find "Screech" on ebay. This is too cool.

I love this stuff so much. Since i've found it, i've been on cloud 9 all week.

Manimal Where are you now??

Manimal was a great show and had everything going for it when i was a teenager. Magical powers, shape-shifting, a street-wise but safe looking black guy, and a cheaper version of Morgan Fairchild in the female lead. Mix that up with a Healthy dose of teenage imagination and puberty and you have the recipe for a fondly missed one season runner like Manimal.

Here's the beautiful opening sequence

oh man such memories. Often if i meet anyone new, if they mention manimal to me, they get "big ups"in my book. They were a child of discerning taste damn it!!

Ronnie James Dio rolls a d20 for ROCK!!

I stumbled across these two brilliant Dio clips on "the tube that is you"and could not resist but share them with the world.

I think they sum up the very thing which i love about metal. Its histrionic and its over the top, its Vaudeville for Middle-Earth. Its WWE Smack Down for the ears. Its Dungeon's ands Dragons played out on Powerchords.

oh and this one which was just the best find. Mystery!! I reckon Jack Black of Tenacious D is stealing moves off Dio.


I love these vids for the simple reason they are sooo bad its good. REminds me of everything i loved about being a teenager